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Why Chart.js is hard to understand

I am currently in the process of updating the site with more information. The focus will be more on understanding Chart.js so the documentation will be more elaborate and cover more topics of Chart.js from a different angle.

Where to start with Chart.js if you are new?

One of the most important pages will be the homepage at Core reason is that Chart.js needs to be explained as a journey. It is written with focus of what should I learn if I were new with Chart.js. While not yet fully complete it is now becoming more advance.

The reason why many do not understand Chart.js

The reason why many do not understand Chart.js is because there is no real starting point. The documentation shows pure understanding of drawing a chart but most people struggle with items that are beyond that point.

Drawing a single chart is easy unless you want to create a custom chart, in that case you need to know more deeper topics such as the chartArea. As the default chart like a bar chart or pie chart can be drawn within a few minutes. As the code is easy to grasp and you. Or seconds if you just get the code from the getting started with Chart.js page.

So what is really missing to make it right in Chart.js?

The understanding of 2 parts or at least how they can be combined. They are functions and array manipulation. These two are a common struggle for many as Chart.js does not cover this and of course that is fine because it is understanding Javascript. Which is not the focus of a Chart.js documentation.

This is why I tend to recommend to understand Javascript arrays and have created an entire Chart.js Array Series. With the goal to have many different topics of arrays combined with Chart.js

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