How to Create a Pareto Chart in Chart js

With Chart.js we can create a Pareto Chart. The Pareto Chart is well known due to the 80/20 rule. It is stated that 80% of all results derives from 20% of the cause.

Commonly in manufacturing this is being use to measure production mistakes. It tracks each item and analyzes the percentage of mistakes that are made per step.

How to make a Pareto Chart in Chart js

This video will show you exactly how to make a Pareto Chart in Chart js. It will start with a default code which you can find on the Chart.js Getting Started Page.

How to Create a Pareto Chart in Chart js

Pareto Chart is a bar line combo chart

While the Pareto Chart is bar line combo chart it does has some modifications. We are required to show the bar values in absolutes. While the line which is applied to the second Y-axis, measures each step and is displayed in cumulative percentages. In other words the percentage value is added up with each step.

This requires a more complex level of array manipulation and show the scale in percentage values on the right side. This must be fully automated so the values will recalculate if the data is changing.

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