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When to Use Button or A HREF in Javascript?

In JavaScript, the choice between using a <button> element and an <a> (anchor) element depends on the intended functionality and the specific use case. Here are some guidelines for when to use each:

Use <button> when:

Form Submission:

  • If the element triggers a form submission, such as submitting a form or triggering a form reset, <button> is the more appropriate choice. You can use the type attribute with values like “submit” or “reset” to define the button’s behavior.
<button type="submit">Submit</button>

JavaScript Actions:

  • When the button is designed to trigger a JavaScript function or action, using <button> is common. You can use the onclick attribute or add an event listener in JavaScript to handle the button click.
<button onclick="myFunction()">Click me</button>

Styling and Interaction:

  • If you want to create a button with specific styling and interactions (e.g., hover effects), <button> provides more flexibility. You can easily style buttons using CSS.
<button class="styled-button">Click me</button>

Use <a> when:


  • If the element is intended to navigate to another page or resource, the <a> element is the appropriate choice. You can use the href attribute to specify the destination.
<a href="/page">Go to Page</a>

Linking to External Resources:

  • If the link is meant to navigate within the same page, for example, linking to a specific section or anchor on the page, <a> with a fragment identifier is appropriate.
<a href="#section">Go to Section</a>

Styling and Interaction:

  • While buttons provide more control over styling, sometimes using <a> with appropriate CSS can create visually appealing links that resemble buttons.
<a href="#" class="styled-link">Click me</a>

In summary

In summary, use <button> for actions within the current page or to trigger JavaScript functions, and use <a> for navigation, linking to external resources, or creating links within the same page. The choice also depends on the semantic meaning and the user experience you want to achieve.