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My goal is to make primarily Chart.js but also Javascript topics as easy to understand. This takes time and effort in research. Many have enjoyed my videos and want to support me in one way or another. I have created a support button to where you can donate any amount you desire.



A little background story why I am doing what I do.

If you are new to any kind of programming you might quickly notice that solving issues can take hours. I know as I have experienced this as well. These wasted our is precious but also a big frustration.

As web developer needs to solve many issues but if every struggle takes a lot of time it slows down development. This is normal but here is the weirdest part, many people have already solved that issue and can solve it quickly again.

So why are we all trying to reinvent the wheel. All those hours could be done more effectively. When I explored Chart.js I had this same issue. It took me a while to understand. It takes so much time just to solve certain items and the documentation is not always very clear on this.

I decided to try where ever I can to give a helping hand. If ever I can solve issues I try to. This is why my Youtube channel and writings are geared primarily to Chart.js but I also explore more other Javascript topics as which interest me.

The goal eventually is to make Chart.js easy to understand. Chart.js in itself is fascinating as you can change data in such a nice visual. This with the goal to help the Chart.js community so it can keep on thriving. As with all JS libraries a strong community is eventually the key for to keep on developing.

Thank you all for the support!