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Chart JS Database

In this section we will cover the Chart JS Database Series. Connection your chart with a database in Chart JS expands your options. This section we will focus on how to add a database and connect it with a chart.

Chart JS Database

Chart JS Database

Creating a chart and connecting it with a database is one of the most requested topics about Chart.js. We all need to work with a database and the best way to display data is with a chart.

However to do this requires understanding of many disciplines. This makes it harder to work with. In this videos series about Chart JS Database we will be answering that question. We will combine Chart.js, Javascript, Canvas API, PHP and MySQL Database to create a chart based on the data.

Below you can find all videos related to the Chart js Database series. It will cover in easy segments how to connect to a MySQL Database. Once that database has been connected we need to match it with Chart.js.

What we need to do is make the data that we extracted or fetched from a database into readable javascript format. For that we have to parse the data into JSON. Which is an universal coding language to transfer data from one language such as MySQL and PHP to Javascript. From that point on we can start adjusting and modifying the data in Chart js.

Let’s explore how to do that.

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