How to add data label only to the last data point of a line chart | Chart.js

In this video we will cover one of the viewers questions. Which is how to add data label only to the last data point of a line chart in Chart.js.

This is a great question as datalabels which are part of the chartjs-plugin-datalabels can sometimes overwhelm your user. Having too much data is not the solution as we all know “less is more”. This video covers how to show only the last data point in the datalabels.

How to add data label only to the last data point of a line chart in Chart.js

The Chartjs Datalabels Plugin

Showing the labels directly on a line chart or any type of chart can be done with the Chartjs Datalabels Plugin [chartjs-datalabels-plugin]. We have an entire series covering all the possible options of this datalabels plugin. Interested to know more check out the Chartjs Datalabels Plugin Series.

Chartjs Point Labels

Often the data labels are referred to as point labels. However, they are exactly the same but usually applied on line chart where each data point is referred to a point. The great part of all is the the chartjs plugin datalabels supports line charts, bar charts and pie charts.

Display Value on Bar in Chart JS

The Datalabels Plugin allows you to add values on each and every bar with easy. By default it is already nicely centered in the bar once registered. To register the Datalabels Plugin we will need to use the ChartDataLabels object. To understand how to add the Datalabels Plugin and ChartDataLabels object view this page:

Change Data Labels Color in Chart JS

This plugin allows you to add your own colors to the labels to make them standout. Changing the font and font color options are nicely build in. This page contains a video covering how to change the font family and font colors in the Datalabels Plugin:

Custom Data Labels in Chart JS

Sometimes you want to add more information or data than labels. To customize the data labels with extra information we need to use the formatter option which is available for the Datalabels Plugin.

Formatter options in Chart JS

Understand this see this page:

Hide Datalabels in Chart JS

The all the Chartjs Plugin Datalabels once activated or registered will apply to all data points, bars or pie slices. This is fine for many but often you might want to hide certain data points. The upper video shows you exactly how to control to to specific data points.

Hide Data Labels For Specific Dataset in Chart JS

Often if your chart has multiple datasets you might want to hide the data labels or point labels from specific datasets. This is very well possible but requires just some deeper understanding for the formatter option in the Datalabels Plugin. This video covers exactly how to hide data labels for a specific dataset which is a line chart while showing it on the bar chart in the bar line combo chart in Chart.js

How to Show Data Labels For Specific Dataset in Chart JS

Chartjs Boxplot

Another unique chart type is the boxplot chart. While this is not the scope of this page but often a boxplot chart needs to show multiple data points. However, they should be covered in the tooltip instead. This video will cover how to create a boxplot chart in Chart.js

How to Create a Boxplot Chart in Chart JS

How to Create a Boxplot Chart in Chart JS
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Hello! I’m from Russia. Thank you for the video! I’m currently doing my project with chart.js, I used chart type ‘boxplot’. But I can’t. Make a video about ‘boxplot’. Thanks!

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