Chart.js Zoom Plugin Series

How to use the Chart.js Zoom Plugin? In this part of the documentation we will explore how to use the Chart.js Zoom Plugin. This plugin will add the functionality of zoom in, zoom out and panning of the chart from left to right.

Chart.js Zoom Plugin Series

Chart.js Zoom Plugin Series

The Chart.js Zoom Plugin is a very useful tool especially once you explore stock charts which usually consist of a large amount of data points over a long period of time.

Zooming in, out and viewing (panning) a certain section such as a period of time instead of the whole is in those cases an essential option. The Chart.js Zoom Plugin should be used with the Chart.js Financial Plugin. As they empower each other tremendously.

It is quite common that a database will be part of it as well due to large amount of data in a chart. Once you learn this and want to connect the plugin with a database. You can start watching the Chart.js Database Series.

Let’s explore how to do this.

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