Bar Chart

How to create a bar chart in chart JS. This post we will cover how to create a bar chart. Creating a bar chart in Chart JS is quite simple.

However you might get confused once you start seeing the new structure. In Chart JS 2 and Chart JS 1 the old structure is common. In Chart JS 3 this is gradually changing but still visible. The video below covers how to use the new structure and we explain how exactly this needs to be done.

Bar Chart in Chart JS

Bar Chart in Chart JS

If you read and notice how the chart JS documentation works you might notice a certain structure which is build on a setup block, a config block and a init (initiate) or render block. Understanding that is essential.

Once you understand the block structure, which is considered the skeleton of Chart.js, you will be better in understanding the samples or examples provided by the official Chart JS documentation.

To understand deeply the block structure check out the getting started section.

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