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Doughnut / Pie Chart

How to create a doughnut or pie chart in chart JS. In this post we will cover how to create a doughnut or pie chart. Creating a doughnut or pie chart in Chart JS is quite straightforward. You can follow the video below how to do this.

Doughnut Pie Chart in Chart JS

Doughnut Pie Chart in Chart JS

In Chart JS the difference between doughnut chart and pie chart are very slim. The only difference is the “cutout” percentage. Which is set on 50% on a doughnut chart and 0 for a pie chart. As this namespace creates the so called “hole” in the doughnut chart.

The video will cover how to convert a standard chart into 3 core sections. Chart JS official documentation tend to show a standard example which is common for Chart JS 1 and Chart JS 2. Both a great versions but in the latest version the documentation is gradually shifting. This is why understanding the different blocks which are the setup, config and initiate or render block is essential.

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