Introduction to Chart js Annotation Plugin

Introduction to Chart js Annotation Plugin If you’re looking to create stunning data visualizations with Chart.js, you may want to consider adding annotations to your charts. Annotations are an essential tool for communicating data insights and can help make your charts more informative and engaging. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs… Continue reading Introduction to Chart js Annotation Plugin

Chartjs Plugin Sorting

The Chart.js sorting plugin is a plugin that allows you to quickly sort the bar chart ASC (low to high), DESC (high to low) and reset the values back to initial load.  The idea came based on a comment of a viewer who was wondering why Chart.js sorting option has been so complicated and this… Continue reading Chartjs Plugin Sorting

Ternary Operator JavaScript

The ternary operator is a shorthand way to write a conditional statement in JavaScript. It is also known as the ternary conditional operator. Ternary Operator JavaScript Here is the syntax for the ternary operator: The condition is evaluated first. If it is true, expression1 is executed. If the condition is false, expression2 is executed. The… Continue reading Ternary Operator JavaScript

Chart JS Axis Labels

Chart JS Axis Labels With Chart.js we can customize the axis labels. This can be very useful if we need to modify the text for better user experience. By default the ticks can values or string text. However, if we work with currencies we might want to add currency symbols such as a dollar sign… Continue reading Chart JS Axis Labels