2. Push de Array en Chart.js

Array push method for Chart js

Understanding the array push method in javascript will give you a great benefit for Chart.js. With the array push method you can start adding values at the very end of the array. Doing this with Chart.js means seeing your chart being updated as values are pushed in your arrays.

Array Push Chart.js

Array Push Chart.js Code

By using the array push method you add another value into your array. The push method will add a new value to the very end of the array. Which is than considered the last value within the array. See code sample below for basic understanding.

const colors = ['red', 'blue', 'green'];

colors.push('yellow') // colors = ['red', 'blue', 'green'];

The four basic array methods

If you start developing with Chart.js there are four specific array methods you should begin with. There are many more that are much more powerful but tend to be more complicated. So having a foundation before explore more advance array methods.

  1. Array Push Method
  2. Array Pop Method
  3. Array Unshift Method
  4. Array Shift Method

Once you understand the basics you can continue on with the ore advance which gives you much more options such as the array method as array indexOf, array slice, and more which are more deeper into the Array Series. Or combining any of these together.

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