Are you ready to create your own charts with Chart.js in a more visual way?

Why this Chart.js Video Guide?

This Chart.js video documentation guide is designed to cover the Chart.js topics in a more visual manner. Chart.js is a wonderful javascript library. It has so many options and many hidden secrets.

A big struggle for many developers is understanding of Chart.js. The official Chart.js documentation is wonderful but sometimes a bigger challenge for many who tend to learn faster in video format. This guide is designed to help visual learners so they can understand chart.js faster.

Please note that this Chart.js video guide is not part of the official guide.

Why I created the Chart.js Video Guide?

I love Chart.js and it is truly fun to see charts on a website. My goal is to with the help of a more visual guide more people might join the Chart.js community. A big Chart.js community would imply a never ending improvement on Chart.js itself!

The end goal is making Chart.js so easy to learn that eventually everybody can create charts in Chart.js with ease!

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