Chart.js Array Series

The Chart.js Array Series is a series about understanding Javascript arrays and how they can be used in conjunction with Chart.js. Many who learn about Chart.js tend to struggle to understand the connection between Chart.js and arrays. Once you know how arrays can manipulated and modified you will be able to adjust the chart in Chart.js to your liking. This is a very important skill to know.

Chart.js Array Series

Chart.js Array Series

Chart.js Array Series. In this series you will explore how to use arrays directly in Chart JS. After many questions from the viewers I notice that people struggle to understand how Chart JS and Javascript really work together.

Too many perceive Chart JS as something different from JavaScript while it is in reality a part of JS as it is written in JS. However, this confusing is understandable due to the canvas-tag. We are not used to practice with a canvas tag. So chartjs uses multiple different items which might look as different programming language.

The canvas tag and the way to draw in a canvas tag is tough. Being able to connect Chart JS with the properly drawing and this combined with arrays will get you to the next level.

This is video series might look like a very basic series but understand how to manipulate arrays and how that works with Chart JS will expand your option many times over. It is time to explore how to do this and it will be fun and it is extremely rewarding to know this. This topic is often being asked in the Chart.js Viewers Question Series where people want to learn how to create more interactive charts. This is your starting point.

In my personal opinion this is the first series you should take about learning Chart JS. Too much focus has been on how to design charts and but data manipulation with arrays will give you access to modify the data in a chart which is a very precious skill to know. Let’s begin!

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